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There are many ways to paint. There are many ways to see. 

About Joe

Joe Bonomo is an innovative, creative spirit. He is not defined by one particular style. Much like music, different genres evoke different emotions, and he is led by his heart. 


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Capturing bravery and strength


When Joe first asked me to pose, I was all for it. But then I had a life-altering experience. Because of that, I said I no longer wanted to pose, because I wasn’t happy. I called it off. I became a single parent and lost my best friend and husband all at once. Finally, I called Joe and told him I was ready. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I love the final piece because he really captured that moment in my life.  I looked like a woman that had been through things, but he captured the bravery and strength in my eyes. It’s mind blowing that he was able to do that. I think he made me look beautiful. 

- Cindi Alpert

Happy Clients

He is a Renaissance man and has the unique abililty to capture the essence of his subjects in his fine works.

-Jim Dossett

Earlier in the year we made a special purchase of one of Joe Bonomo’s more significant paintings: “Carmen the Doll Maker.” Photos of the painting truly don’t do her justice. In person, she is more vibrant and seems to almost come alive. Something about this painting spoke to me. Joe did a simply magnificent job with this piece. It’s truly museum quality. I imagined how she would look in her current placement in our home but the reality far surpassed what I imagined. This painting has given both my husband and myself much joy. It’s a feast for our eyes and it warms our hearts everyday. We can’t thank Joe enough for opportunity to admire his talent.

-Traci and Patrick Hayden

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